Curvy Adventures: Llamazing Party Rentals

One of my main goals for this year is really exploring what great treasures there in my own backyard in the DFW Metroplex. My First stop this year was to Llamazing Party Rentals in out of Ellis County in Palmer, TX. While it sounds far, it is just 30 minutes south of Downtown Dallas.

They offer a variety of services including weddings, birthday parties, petty zoos, and private animal experiences. You have the ability to either visit their venue or they can either bring the animals directly to you. Party Entertainment for Weddings with Beer Burros, Llama Greeters, Petting Zoo, Tequila Donkey, Ride in/out on a Horse, and Photo Shoots. They have space to accommodate weddings from 20 to 200 people on site.

I went for the private animal experience, that absolutely blew my mind!

All of the animals are people training and extremely friendly. If you know anything about me you would know that Alpacas and Llamas are my favorite animals next to panda bears of course. So I was totally in heaven that I finally got to see one up close. Big Tex the alpaca had so much personality, it tickled me. He was dressed up so cute, but once he was his costume he even took it off himself! With the help of the tree lol. The llamas were a little sad that we had Big Texas out without them so I even got to go inside their cage and feed them.

Another part of our private experience was a petting zoo with the smaller animals. I got to hold and feed a bunny, a baby goat, and the donkey. I swear any animal will love you if you have snacks for them much humans!

The owners were so lovely that they even put together a little picnic for us to enjoy next to the water. This experience in my opinion was much better than going to the zoo because you get to real live interact with the animals and they get to move freely. Their private experiences to start around $200 but I think it is well worth it.

With it being an outside venue they were still operating with COVID safety protocols in place. They wore masks the entire time we were present and they had hand sanitizer available. The also have two fully functional restrooms on site as well.

I would recommend Llamazing Party rentals for both children and adults alike. This is the perfect setting for a girl’s day or a date night too. If you like animals this venue is a must visit. You can find their website here.

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