Plus Size Boudoir: Curves are sexy too

I decided to take full advantage of February, the month of love; to really love on myself. My body has been through a lot of changes in the last couple of years and I had to take a step back and be proud of where I am.

I lost a good bit of weight, but you know just surviving the rona put a couple of those pounds back on but I damn sure am no where near where I started. So for Valentine’s Day I decided to do a boudoir photoshoot with my lovely friend Sarah Kay Photography.

Y’all I have never had so much fun and been so relaxed taking pictures in my lingerie. We turned on the music, had lots of laughs and got to posing. I am so happy with the outcome so I decided to share them with the world, and here are a few reasons why I think all women should do a boudoir shoot:

Confidence is the sexiest thing a women can wear. Prancing around without clothes on and just being genuinely happy is something no one can ever take away from you.

Sexy is not a size, its a mindset. No matter if you are a size 6 or 26 you have sex appeal. I am determined to feel good and sexy in the body I do have, even while working on transforming it. My mantra has always been whether you wear a crop top or a trash bag your body is the same size, so dress your package and flaunt your curves.

Be your own biggest fan

The most important thing to remember is: If you talk down to yourself about being plus size, others will too. People take their cues on how they think of you from how you think of and treat yourself. You are deserving of getting to celebrate your body now, not waiting until you feel like it is perfect.

Now y’all know I can’t leave you without dropping a few links on where you can find some cute lingerie for yourselves. I am a huge fan of Ashley Stewart’s lingerie and loungewear line. Click the pictures for the direct links.

This post may contain affiliate links that at no additional cost to you, I may earn a small commission.

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I am a 28 year african american female embarking on a new journey of natural hair, healthy body and soul.

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