Seltzerland 2022 Review

Seltzerland is a hard seltzer tasting festival that is held in major cities across the US annually. This was the second time it has been held in the Dallas area and I’ve had the pleasure of attending both times. So let’s get into the details .

Seltzerland was held at a golf course in Lewisville on Saturday from 11-3. I highly recommend going with the VIP option so you can go during the early time slots and get first dibs on the free swag. The give you a free drawstring bag, and metal cup to take home.

In addition all the vendors had cool giveaways as well. I got a cute neon beanie from beatbox beverages, a hat and fan from Jose Cuervo, hand sanitizer from Sparkling Ice, and a free mini bottle of tequila from Ghost Tequila. Needless to say I racked up.

Now let’s get into the most important part… the seltzers. My absolute favorite Seltzer is The Long drink! The are a gin based seltzer which means you can only get them in liquor stores in Texas. They offer 4 different varieties with Cranberry being my top choice. The original flavors are also good and put you in mind of the soda Squirt.

Least favorite of the day goes to Vizzy. While they were also my bottom choice last year too; they have launched new flavors with their Mimosa pack. Vizzy is best known for their seltzers having added antioxidants and vitamin C in them. Not sure if that’s what the problem was for me but there is just an after taste I couldn’t shake.

Now for the best none seltzer drink of the day goes to Ghost Tequila. The were serving up Mango Margaritas with a tajin rim. I was initially scared of the tequila since it’s made with ghost peppers but the flavors were perfectly balanced. I grabbed a mini bottle so I can recreate that goodness again at home.

The best experience of the day goes to Jose Cuervo. They were promoting their Playa Mar seltzers. They pulled out all the stops, music, fedoras, fans, cute photo options, and tequila shots with a popsicle. It was a whole vibe.

Be sure to check out my reel on Instagram (linked below to make it easy for you) to see the fun in action. Make to leave a comment and let me know what festivals you are excited to attend this year!

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