Seltzerland 2022 Review

Seltzerland is a hard seltzer tasting festival that is held in major cities across the US annually. This was the second time it has been held in the Dallas area and I’ve had the pleasure of attending both times. So let’s get into the details . Seltzerland was held at a golf course in LewisvilleContinue reading “Seltzerland 2022 Review”

My Shape Wear Must Haves… For a Plus Size Girl

These are the items that I use and love. If you take an action (i.e. make a purchase) after clicking one of my affiliate links, I’ll earn a few coins. You never pay a higher price, but it does help with along my creative journey. I know shape wear can be a very touchy subjectContinue reading “My Shape Wear Must Haves… For a Plus Size Girl”

Crú Wine Bar: Go for the wine, stay for the tapas

Crú has several locations in the US with 4 of them being located in the DFW Metroplex. I visited the West Village location on a busy Saturday afternoon with a few of my Dallas Black Bloggers babes. If you know anything anything about me, then you know I’m very indecisive. Lucky for me Crú hasContinue reading “Crú Wine Bar: Go for the wine, stay for the tapas”

BlackBarbie’s Travel Essentials: Amazon Edition

These are the items I use and love. If you take an action (i.e. make a purchase) after clicking one of my affiliate links, I’ll earn a few coins. You never pay a higher price, but it does help support me on my creative journey. As everyone is gearing up for Spring and Summer travel,Continue reading “BlackBarbie’s Travel Essentials: Amazon Edition”

Spring Break in Grand Prairie

So with Spring Break kicking off for most of Texas this week; I was excited to spend some time exploring places in my own back yard that I’ve never been before. Tourist Information Center My first stop was to the Tourist Information Center, where they all the information you need to plan an outing inContinue reading “Spring Break in Grand Prairie”

Plus Size Boudoir: Curves are sexy too

I decided to take full advantage of February, the month of love; to really love on myself. My body has been through a lot of changes in the last couple of years and I had to take a step back and be proud of where I am. I lost a good bit of weight, butContinue reading “Plus Size Boudoir: Curves are sexy too”

Valentine’s Day looks from Eloquii

This post may contain affiliate links that at no additional cost to you, I may earn a small commission. Are you still looking for Valentine’s Day outfit inspiration I am here to give you some! I am absolutely wild about animal prints and this square neck knit dress is it! This dress also features the puffy shouldersContinue reading “Valentine’s Day looks from Eloquii”

True Kitchen + Kocktails

So I want to start by saying the opinions shared in this blog posts are my opinions alone and were impacted by my personal experience along with the experiences of people I know personally! I much like everyone else wanted to see what all the hype was about with True Kitchen after the whole twerkingContinue reading “True Kitchen + Kocktails”

Curvy Adventures: Llamazing Party Rentals

One of my main goals for this year is really exploring what great treasures there in my own backyard in the DFW Metroplex. My First stop this year was to Llamazing Party Rentals in out of Ellis County in Palmer, TX. While it sounds far, it is just 30 minutes south of Downtown Dallas. TheyContinue reading “Curvy Adventures: Llamazing Party Rentals”

Christmas at The Dallas Arboretum

This holiday season I had the opportunity to check out the arboretum not once but twice to check out their Christmas displays. I went once during the day and once at night and honestly it was a completely different experience both times so I recommend you check out daylight/nighttime as well. Again this year theyContinue reading “Christmas at The Dallas Arboretum”