Teddy Coat Season

Diary of a Black Barbie is reader-supported. When you buy through links on my site, I may earn an affiliate commission. I so excited that the Texas has finally decided to cooperate and give us consistent Winter temperatures. And you guys know the cold weather (anything below 70 is cold to Texas people) means itsContinue reading “Teddy Coat Season”

Allow me to reintroduce myself …

This lovely portrait graphic made for me by @sylkmag is a true representation of 5 core things that make me, me.  I would be nothing with out my FAMILY that supports and loves me unconditionally. Along with my friends that are really my chosen family.  Of course I am humbled by the grace and loveContinue reading “Allow me to reintroduce myself …”

Brunch: Dahlia on Ross

Dahlia on Ross describes themselves as Southern European Inspired Cuisine w/ Botanical Cocktail Garden & Bohemian Eclectic Design. And honestly I think this description nailed it. They serve Lunch and Dinner, as well as Brunch on the weekends. I had the opportunity to dine with them for Brunch last week with one of my homegirls andContinue reading “Brunch: Dahlia on Ross”